Please Help... Advise... What Can I Do Between Now and My ENT Appointment? What to Ask My ENT?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Oliver Robbins, Feb 21, 2016.

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      11 days ago I was in an accident. Pushed into the water and my ear drum was perforated. I have been told by a doctor that it was a large perforation.

      Since then I have been referred to an ENT and am waiting for the appointment.

      I did not notice the tinnitus immediately- I believe it came and went for a few days. I flew back home (accident occured in Mexico, I am from Canada), and since then I have noticed a ringing in my ear that is persistent. I am able to drown the sound with this youtube video...
      MOUNTAIN STREAM Nature Sounds (10 Hours)...

      I need to know if anyone has heard of similar injuries causing tinnitus and if it stopped. I cannot handle this.

      What can I do in between now and my appointment with the ENT?

      And most importantly, what should I communicate to the ENT / ask him during my appointment.

      This is the scariest thing i've ever been up against and dont know if i can fight this battle forever...
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      Head Injury
      Keep the ear canal free of water when showering (using an earplug).

      Hopefully, the injury will be self-evident upon consultation. When healing of the eardrum does occur - with or without help from the ENT - you will hopefully see a decline in your tinnitus.

      A hearing test is essential, regardless.
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    3. Boy Helios

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      do you have significant hearing loss? if you do get on steroids immediately. if you treat within the first 48 hours you have a 70% chance of a full recovery.
    4. Aaron123

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      can you provide citations for the numbers you are posting?
    5. Boy Helios

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      Response to steroid treatment follows a variable time course, but is generally better early in the course of therapy. Some patients exhibit a very rapid and substantial recovery of hearing within the first 48 - 72 hours. Others have no response for the first week or two of steroids and then continue to make improvement after the steroid taper is completed. The sooner a response is seen, the better the overall prognosis.

      A study conducted in Europe involved 50 patients who were admitted within 48 hours of SSNHL. Thirty patients underwent HBOT while 20 we given vasodilators. Of the 30 HBOT patients, 25 (83.3%) experienced either a very good (50% or more) or a significant (25% to 50%) improvement. (5)


      I'm trying to find the other one where it says full recovery within 48 hours.

      The thing is you dont' even need proof to ascertain my assertion.

      earlier treatment is better right?

      the normal prognosis for SHL is about 50-80% chance recovery. doesn't it make sense that if you start treatment right when it starts, your chance of full recovery is far greater?

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