Please Help Me, I'm So Scared...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jhattoy, Dec 31, 2015.

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      Idk if I have tinnitus or whatever, idk if it's temporary or permanent. But, for the last few days I constantly hear this extremely high pitched, very feint, sort of radio frequency type sound in my ear. Idk if it's always been there and i just started noticing it or if it just started, but it's making me absolutely crazy. I cleaned my ears today thinking it was just earwax but it's still there. It won't go away, it just stays, literally all day i hear it. It's making me so depressed, and my anxiety is through the roof. It affects everything in my life at the moment. Everything that I think is fun, is suddenly not fun. No appitite, all I want to do is lay in my bed with a fan on to try to drown it out. The sound is very feint, almost quiet but when I hear it and concentrate on it, I can't ignore it, it starts overwhelming all sound pretty much. My hearing feels fine, everything feels fine, but it's there. It's sounds like that mosquito type frequency or whatever to where it's so high pitched you can barely hear it, but enough to drive you nuts. Like a dog whistle. I'm freaking the hell out over this and idk what to do. I want to see an ENT once my insurance kicks in. It almost sounds electrical..... it's ruining my life, all I want to do is sleep and drown it out.

      Please help me....
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      not known, too many possible causes
      You do the opposite of what you should do, but what probably most of us did when we started to hear a sound in the ear: monitoring the sound, analyzing it, listening to it, concentrating on it, giving it great importance and significance, a recipe for falling apart.
      Until and after you see an ENT you should never concentrate on it, always mask it with another sound and do your best to be engaged in absorbing meaningful to you activities all the time, so you forget about this problem, which became so big (a faint sound is ruining your life) became you gave it the central position of your life/brain/attention.
      Whether it will remain permanent or will go away, nobody knows at this moment, but in the worst case scenario (if it becomes permanent) you will realize yourself that you don't have to reconfigure your whole life around this faint sound.
      Be happy that it isn't worse, there are cases here who woke up with sudden significant hearing loss and huge sound, compared to them your problem is a joke. I really do not want to offend you, but this is a forum with people with chronic loud sounds in the ear(s) and if they have a day when the sound is "faint", the call it "a good day" and all they want is to have as many days like this as possible. So what you are scared of (a faint sound) is their sweetest desire. Or they have different sounds in both ears, and a silent ear will make them so happy.
      All you can and should do is to stop this mental obsession, by replacing it all the time with other healthier obsessions.
      By concentrating on it you will not make the sound smaller or determine it to go away, but achieve the unwanted opposite, making it louder and embeding it in your consciousness, you will remain with it in mind that you have it (only in silence) even when you are in a noisy environment.
      The sound itself is not the problem, it can go away or take a peripheric position in your life, the problem is your reaction to this event, the appearance of a faint sound in one of your ears. Many people get it as they get older, and they continue their life like before, you are probably young, but you must do the same.
      Maybe a cause of that sound is identifiable and treatable, and it will go away with treatment or on its own, even it doesn't it's not a tragedy, so do not obsess about it.
      I am not scolding you, it's an understandable and human attitude/reaction to this emergence of a sound, but nonetheless very unproductive, wrong, and you must have the opposite attitude. Just ignore this and pretend that you don't have it, thinking about it and listening to it will not cure the sound, nor it will reveal to you its cause. If you can't control this interest that you have for this sound, you can see a private ENT until the insurance kicks in, but beware that many ENT have an unethical attitude and will tell you that there is no treatment and the sound will remain permanent. This is called the Nocebo effect, is the opposite of the Placebo effect and is devastating and a fallacy. It can go away on its own after a short or a long period of time (even years), I know personally some cases. Should it go away on its own, but only in a few years, do you want to have spent all those years as mess? Keep hoping that it will go away one day and you will have your perfect silence again (I perceive you as a perfectionist, which is this situation turn out to be the worst defect), and until then continue to live life you did before the sound, doing the little adjustments necessary (masking when it's audible, if you can't ignore it). You may hate me now, but you will see in the future that I was right.
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    3. Luvkitties

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      Do Not Know
      I am going through the exact same thing. I know exactly how you feel. I was slammed with it four months ago and as I write this I am struggling. At first it would give me a good day now and then but lately it has constantly been going on sounding like a dog whistle or tea kettle. I have been to ENT, acupuncturist, chiropractor, MRI, and different doctors because fortunately I do have insurance. I read a lot of the Success Stories which gives me hope it will ease up or even go away. I am on anti-anxiety pills and I am still experiencing sadness and fear. I can only say you are not alone and try to read the posts that give positive outlooks. They say it DOES get better and I am clinging to that hope. This really sucks because I am very athletic and super healthy and am not ready to let this get me's hard I know!!!! Keep writing to us and it will get better they say........
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    4. Zorro!

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      You're going through what many, many members of this site have gone through. Yes, it's pure hell at first. Anxiety and depression regarding your new reality will be overwhelming at times. The good news is that in time things often get better and you may habituate to it and lose the anxiety and depression.

      What usually happens at this point is that you will become your own teacher. Primary care docs and ENT's don't have the best track record of helping with this issue, hence your need to educate yourself regarding tinnitus. If you find yourself unable to cope with things don't hesitate to seek out treatment from the mental health sector. This doesn't mean you're crazy, it means you have done everything you can to the best of your abilities to "fix" the problem but now simply need some outside help. This could be in the form of counseling or sleep aids or even antidepressants. Again, this doesn't mean you're crazy. Your brain, with help from the nerves in the ears, is "over reacting" on a physiological level (and anxiety seems to be tied into the nerve issue). There's no shame in getting help in addressing the anxiety and depression that comes with tinnitus.

      Check out this site more and read some of the stories. You will discover that your story isn't unique and that you're not alone and, most importantly, that many people who were in your shoes have gone on to feel much better over time.

      Best wishes always. :)
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    5. Nucleo

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      Look into the AM-101 trial :

      It is pretty much the closest medical relevant procedure you can do if you want to be proactive about your case.
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      not sure
      Dana and others have offered excellent advise. It is understandable that this alien sound gives you so much anxiety at this new stage, but I do agree a faint ringing is mild and so try to take that as a positive. You can try to mask it for the time being if it gives you so much stress. Here are some masking suggestions:
      1) use a sound machine at bed time if you have trouble sleeping with the ringing.
      2) use an ipod or smart phone on the go to play soothing nature sounds or music
      3) here are some masking sounds if you need them:

      TT audio player:

      more free masking aire freshener:

      soothing rain generator:
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      I just want to be able to sit in silence without hearing this, I can't really tell if it's feint or not I guess I have nothing to compare it to, I know it's just there and I can hear it even when a fan is on

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