Poll: Coffee, GABA and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by melbournejeremy, Feb 23, 2019.


Does Coffee Spike Your Tinnitus?

  1. Yes, most of the time

  2. Yes, sometimes

  3. No, never

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    1. melbournejeremy

      melbournejeremy Member

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      Hi Guys,

      I always have a strong coffee before my gym workout and find that the coffee really spikes the tinnitus. I can see the various threads regarding people's reaction to coffee but I would like to see it in a poll.

      While coffee elevates blood pressure, cardiac output, various hormones etc. I am more interested in the GABA aspect since according to a few studies coffee decreases GABA(A) and as we probably all know, decreased GABA is associated with nerve hyperactivity and tinnitus.


      I am curious if anyone else has run some self-experimentation on themselves with coffee and benzodiazepines.

      After you have a coffee or two, if your tinnitus spikes up, then take a benzo and see if it reduces. Ideally if you have a blood pressure monitor take your BP too to eliminate the BP change as a reason for the tinnitus spike.

      So please have a click on the poll.
    2. David077

      David077 Member

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      stress, benzo/clonozepam + clonidine, maybe infection
      Coffee (dark coffee) never spikes my tinnitus and even helps to deal with bad mood, it's like a mild antidepressant without any side effects.
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    3. Drone Draper

      Drone Draper Member

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      NIHL, ETD and work stress
      No, but I have avoided coffee in the PM since getting tinnitus because it's obviously not conducive to sleep.
    4. Duncan L

      Duncan L Member Benefactor

      Whanganui, New Zealand
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      Brain Stem injury due to over-ambitious yoga stretch
      What he said

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