Poll: Does Your Tinnitus Increase by Harsh Exhaling?

Discussion in 'Support' started by H225, Jun 5, 2022.


Does sharply exhaling through your nose briefly intensify your tinnitus?

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  2. No

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    1. H225

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      I recently noticed my high pitched ringing briefly intensifies and then returns to normal after sharply exhaling out of my nose. It also makes my pulsatile tinnitus disappear for the same length of time.

      I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this because it sounds like such an obscure thing many people don’t know can happen. In fact, I only learned this could happen through just doing it out of boredom because I wanted to see if I could alter my tinnitus. I don’t want to keep doing it though, I think it might aggravate it if I keep doing it.

      Anyways, it’s a pretty neat find and it might actually give a clue as to what’s causing my tinnitus. Especially since I have crackling in my ears, problems equalising pressure in my ears and steam therapy helps - it might have to do with sinus or Eustachian tube blockages or congestions.

      Thought I’d share. Anybody got the same thing?
    2. MaxRabbit

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      Zoloft, NOISE, Anxiety, EARBUDS.
      I have one tone that shoots up whenever I breathe deep and exhale. It's more intense exhaling by mouth. I also have ear cracking. We have Eustachian tube issues I believe. The air is trapped or something and it hits our ear drums and makes it louder. That's my totally dumb guess. Once I go back to regular breathes, the tone lowers quite a bit. It's how I get my constant tone to settle when I try to sleep or when it wakes me up.

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