Poll: Should ENT's Refund Your Money If You Go for Tinnitus & They Say "Learn to Live with It"?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Apr 26, 2016.


Should ENT's refund your money if you go for tinnitus & they say "learn to live with it"?

  1. Definitely yes

  2. In most cases, yes

  3. In most cases, no

  4. Definitely not

  5. At least give a partial refund

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    1. JasonP
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      I'm just curious because I called up years ago to make an appointment and told them I got ringing from a years before from a medication. They made an appointment which cost I think between $150 to $200. I told him about the situation and how it was really causing me terrible depression at times, looked in my ear and then said coldly "Nothing I can do, learn to live with it". He didn't even try to prescribe me a medication that MIGHT help me lower the tinnitus nor suggest to go to a doctor for depression medication. He didn't seem to care at all. Any other stories with ENT's that you all would want to share?
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      What if the ENT does show empathy, but his diagnosis is the same? So many inflictions/deceases are not able to be healed.
      If in hearing there is a "no cure no pay" policy it will be difficult to find ENTs. So little is able to be cured in this field of medicine at the moment. (That is at least my understanding) An ENT will not be able to earn a living.
      I wonder what on an ENTs average working day the percentage of people the diagnosis of hearing loss and associated tinnitus and hyperacusis get. How many times will the ENT has to say there is no cure?
      I am sure he or she would love to cure. I agree that showing empathy and understanding the desperation of a patient is an important part of a doctor or specialist. Down playing tinnitus and hyperacusis was not helping me. Telling me that tinnitus and hyperacusis will not damage my ears further, so the diagnosis was therefore not serious enough to get worked up about, did not lower my anxiety.

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