Positive Mental Attitude Against Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ozzy, Jan 10, 2016.

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      * Ear infection * 20 years later huge sound increase due to stress
      Have you watched Academy Award winner of Best Short Documentary : `The Lady in Number 6` ?
      It tells the story of Alice Herz-Sommer, a pianist who was the world's oldest Holocaust survivor.
      (she was 108 years old when the documentary was shot)

      I found her interview made by Anthony Robbins.
      She tells how she survived The Hell with positive mental attitude.

      "A Garden of Eden in Hell" The Lady...
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      Meniere's Disease
      Well done Alice,
      Positive Mental attitude works for me ...lots of love glynis
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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      Great interview! Interesting attitude to an interesting life!
      Book by Viktor Frankl is in a similar vein....Mans Search for Meaning. I really cannot understand how people found the will to survive the Holocaust.
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    4. linearb

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      I pray that I never understand :-/
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    5. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      They found the will to survive because that's what we as human beings are naturally programmed to do, most people are scared to die and will do anything to escape death, it's nothing new, there are billions of these stories throughout history.
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