Possible Treatment for Infection Induced Tinnitus (Ear Massaging & Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

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      Dr. T's Ear Infection Massage Method

      How to Naturally Treat an Ear Infection

      I came across the videos above on youTube and thought to share them. The method seems to work for infection induced tinnitus. Make sure to use extravirgin olive oil following the method as described in the video. Also, rub it on the bone behind your ear and into your scalp at the back of your head. Do it as often as you can till the noise subsides. However, I do not recommend putting olive oil in your ear.

      Although I had almost achieved remission before coming across this video, It did give me tremendous relief. If this method works for you, please drop a comment to encourage someone else.

      I suffered chronic Tinnitus a few months back and also got that verdict of "no cure" but by the grace of God I got my life back and you can too. Do not give up. If you need encouragement or need to ask questions feel free to send me a message.

      "With God all things are possible"

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