Possible TTTS or Something to Do with ETD? Strange Thump Sound, Almost Like a Spasm

Discussion in 'Support' started by Liam92, Feb 23, 2021 at 4:46 PM.

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      Hey everyone.

      I've been a member here a long time. I got tinnitus in both ears way back many years ago, low rumble sound in left ear and high pitch in the right ear. It causes me no problems anymore. I really got so used to it that my brain literally filters it out if I don't think about it.

      However, recently I have been getting this strange *thump* sort of sound, almost like a spasm maybe?

      I do have a cold and feel a bit congested. I live in the UK where we have poor weather around this time, very cold.

      It just came on randomly around the 10th of February, some days it wouldn't be there, others it would last an hour or even come and go throughout the day.

      It's really made me extremely anxious. I have been taking decongestants thinking it may be due to my cold and sinuses blocking up? And due to my bad anxiety with it I have taken Diazepam sometimes which seems to make it stop. This also makes me believe it may be TTTS as Diazepam is a sort of muscle relaxant or it could just be a coincidence of me calming down?

      I'm going to be honest. I'm super scared. It's not like a flutter, it's mostly just a single *thump* every 30-60 seconds.

      This happens in absolute silence also. It does not need any noise to trigger it.

      Anyone else ever had this issue maybe with an infection or whatever?

      Any help or info would be much appreciated, thanks all.

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