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Discussion in 'Support' started by Sandy63, Nov 28, 2016.

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      I'm not sure that I have true Tinnitus. I say that because I don't actually have ringing. I have a feeling of a stuffed up ear, or the ear feeling too full. Also, I have popping, clicking in one ear only, my right ear. I've never had it in both!

      Well, I had some good relief over the weekend. Last Friday night, I was in bed, and I literally heard my right ear pop. And it was silent/ quiet for 2 whole days. No funny sounds whatever. But Sunday, the right ear felt really stuffed up when I woke up..

      When I open my mouth wide, my ears crack, pop, and make quiet sounds. So the fact that there's no ringing, but cracking when I open and close my mouth, makes me think it could be TMJ related. Also, when I yawn or cough, my ears pop.

      Right now, the ears aren't too noisy, they're pretty calm. :)

      Anybody else experience this?
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      Not sure why you think thats TMJ related Sandy sounds more like Eustachion Tube Dysfunction and it is very difficult to sort it out. Google it for ideas on what do to if you do this dont keep holding your nose and blowing that can make it worse

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