Power Circuit Buzz Tinnitus Sound — Does Anyone Else Have This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Freerunner, Nov 12, 2021.

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      Caloric test
      Hi guys,

      I was just wondering if anyone is experiencing a sound like a power circuit? I started hearing it in my right ear after a dog barked right next to me. At the time I already had my other hissing sound and hyperacusis. Several hours after the incident I started noticing this noise and it has not stopped ever since. It is 24/7 and it does not seem to fade away (as I have other sounds that do fade away from time to time).

      It sounds like this -

      Electricity Short Circuit Long Sound Effects

      Did you have any success with dealing with this kind of noise and if so, would you mind telling me how? I find it much stressing since it keeps zapping through my head every 10 seconds or so...
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      Hearing loss/virus
      Hi, I've just joined this forum to look for this example. I have what I can only describe as electrical zapping sounds. Actually driving me insane and suicidal. I've had tinnitus since I lost my hearing 24 years ago but just in the last year or so it seems to have heightened, particularly with this zapping sound in my inner ear (not to be confused with brain zaps because I don't feel that description describes what I'm getting). I have had it a few times now and it tends to calm and then go away but has returned a few days ago worse than ever in its constancy, all day and night every few seconds and sometimes bursts if it. So debilitating.
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