Prescription Strength Anti-Perspirants (Hyperhidrosis Is Torture Too...)

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      *If you don't like sweat, I highly reccomend you skip this thread. Just a heads up!*

      Hi all, been a while since I've posted but I hope everyone has been well as always. I'm here with what may be a stupid question, but I want to cover all the bases before I move forward using a prescription medication....Guys, I know tinnitus sucks, trust me I get it, but hyperhidrosis (uncontrollable, constant sweating from the hands, feet, and armpits) can absolutely be just as miserable. I'm lucky in that I only have mild tinnitus (knock on wood) but I have severe chronic hyperhidrosis. Regardless of how much deodorant I use, regardless of whether I am freezing cold, my armpits and hands sweat continuously. When I was a kid it was just my feet, but in the past two years my armpits have become effected. The last six months my hands joined the party, and it's been a horrible downhill from there. As I type this my hands are pooled with sweat and cold sweat is rolling down my sides. This is even more infuriating as my two focuses in life right now are school and art......try taking in depth Anatomy notes or painting when your hands are so wet you can't hold a pencil. Last night I had to have the window open (40 degrees F outside) with a fan blowing directly on me just to draw. If I didn't wear a hoodie, I would freeze in an instant, but the moment I put one on my armpits start pouring. By the time I stood up I had to change my shirt anyway even though I was freezing the whole time....really a glamorous condition. Im an extrovert and I'm terrified of meeting new people simply because I don't want to shake their hand.....I know tinnitus sucks guys, but it's good to keep in mind that there ARE other horribly distracting conditions out there that people who don't it take for granted every single day of their lives....On top of that, aside from temporary relief via antiperspirants, there is NO CURE. Research is lacking to say the least. While there is a surgical option, the side effects are so significant that many countries have banned it, and the US is close to doing the same.....

      So, that being said, I have been prescribed "Drysol", a prescription strength antiperspirant. While I am very hopeful that this may at least alleviate my symptoms temporarily (literally any relief would be a godsend) I want to make sure that there are no contraindications towards the use of this medication with tinnitus. A Google search didn't show much, but I just wanted to at least reach out to this community to get an opinion.

      I don't at all want to minimize anyone's tinnitus struggles here, not at all my intent. I know that many of you have tinnitus and hyperacusis far worse than my own.....I truly wish there was something I could say or do to help. I really really do. But, although it may be a hollow comfort, I am JEALOUS your dry hands, shirts, and socks! :p

      Thanks to anyone who has read this far. Sorry if I've gone a little too in depth here, I've found that people don't understand what "excess sweat" means though unless I get down to brass tacks. It's not just a little bit....I can soak a shirt in 20 minutes on a bad day, and it doesn't stop ALL DAY LONG. It gets so bad that I can't keep my hands dry enough to put anything on them....I greatly appreciate any responses, info, or opinions!

      I hope everyone has an excellent Friday night and rest of the weekend! Cheers!


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