Pressing Hard on My Upper Molars, Into the Gum, Temporarily Changes and Quietens My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Geoff Wellens, Nov 20, 2020.

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      I’m relatively new to tinnitus, having only started with it a few months ago. I’m sure it’s not the worst case as I’m not kept awake at night and usually during the day, it begins quietly but crescendos as the day goes on. It’s at its loudest in the evening.

      The reason I’ve registered with Tinnitus Talk is to share something with you in case it’s significant.

      The other day, I discovered that if I pressed my upper molars hard into the gum using my thumbs, the pitch of the tinnitus briefly changes, it goes almost silent but reverts to its former pitch when I stop pressing. The change is more noticeable when I press the teeth on both sides.

      Is this generally known? If not, please experiment (assuming you have strong teeth!) and let me know how you go on.
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      Mine increases in volume and pitch, when I push hard on my upper molars.
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