Prevalence, Incidence Proportion, and Heritability for Tinnitus: A Longitudinal Twin Study

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      Objectives: The purpose of this longitudinal twin study was to explore the effect of tinnitus on hearing thresholds and threshold shifts over two decades and to investigate the genetic contribution to tinnitus in a male twin cohort (n = 1114 at baseline and 583 at follow-up). The hypothesis was that participants with faster hearing deterioration had a higher risk for developing tinnitus and there is an underlying role of genetic influences on tinnitus.

      Conclusions: Our hypotheses were confirmed: The fastest hearing deterioration occurred for new tinnitus cases. A moderate genetic influence for tinnitus was confirmed.
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      Heritability and Genetics Contribution to Tinnitus
      Jose A. Lopez-Escamez, Sana Amanat

      Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of an external source. Genetic studies on families, twins, and adoptees cohorts have been conducted supporting tinnitus heritability, with higher heritability in men with bilateral tinnitus at any age, and young women with bilateral tinnitus, but not in unilateral tinnitus. The condition is associated with several comorbidities such as hearing loss, Meniere disease, sleep disorders, depression, and migraine and may lead toward suicidal attempts in extreme cases. Several studies have reported few regulatory allelic variants in candidate genes and pathways associated with tinnitus development, but replication studies are needed to validate them.

      Behind a paywall. :)
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      The biggest mystery is to figure out why some people develop tinnitus and phantom syndromes and why others don't. As well as why some cases fade and others don't.

      While scientist tackle the hard questions, ENT's are still in the realm of tinnitus and hearing loss are unrelated.
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      Just my own experience:

      Too much damage = no fading.
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