Problematic High-Pitched Sounds

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nordland90, Jun 19, 2017.

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      Reason unknown. Perhaps ear syringing.
      Hello. I've now had tinnitus for about 3.5 months. I thought for a couple of weeks lately that it was going away but much to my enjoyment it came back in full force without me changing anything.

      Anyhow, I have noticed now that certain electric apparatuses make very high pitched noises that twist my mind. I was just visiting a relative that is at a retraining place (he just had heart surgery). Must be a cheapskate place since they had a old early 2000's CRT TV. I was there for a bit over a hour and its the worst hour I've had for weeks. The noise that thing was making...I don't know if it made my T react or it was actually the TV that made such an awful sound. I'm thinking the latter since I had a similar experience with a old refrigerator at a place I was visiting a couple weeks ago.

      I walked about putting my ear onto everything until I found out that the sound came from the backside of the old refrigerator. When I put my hands over my ears I of course heard my own produced sound, but the high pitched noise that came from the fridge was gone.

      Does anyone else have a problem like this? Picking up god awful high pitched sounds from electric things? I have walked past this fridge for 20 years but not until I got tinnitus I noticed the sound.
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      My refrigerator annoys me sometimes because I'll hear the sound it makes and think that my tinnitus is worse. It's a relief to realize that the sound is not coming from my ears!
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      I was recently at a friend's house and was just about to comment on the high pitch noise her refrigerator was making . . . then I remembered it was my tinnitus making that noise!

      But I often think weird, random noises are my tinnitus changing. I always ask my family if they hear it too. It's gotten to the point that now my kids will say, "yes, we hear it too" before I even have a chance to ask.

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