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Discussion in 'Support' started by kelsey, Oct 15, 2016.

    1. kelsey

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      5 months ago
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      Not Sure...Pain under jaw by ear
      Sorry, I post a lot, But what i have noticed now is my pulsating tinnitus is positional....When I lay down the sound is very low in one ear, and when I sit up driving or watching tv it is VERY LOUD....Semi Engine loud with fluctuations of sound when my heart beats.... So if this is caused by the position of my head or neck what is causing this???

      I also get numbness in my face and pressure in my sinuses/face when Im in a sitting position as well.....Something is happening to me when I'm in a sitting or standing position....but when i lay down the sound is barely there, numbness slowly goes and the pressure in my face is not as apparent......Any clues what this may be???????
    2. volsung37

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      Could be fluid in your inner ear moving. I notice my right ear hum start to pulsate when I lie on my right side in bed. If I turn to sleep on the left the hum remains but the pulsating seems to abate. This could fit in with your sinus symptoms too. Nothing much to be done until the fluid drains. That can take months sometimes.
    3. The Red Viper

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      March 15, 2016
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      Current Theory: Neck injury (Tendonitis @ trap/SCM junction)
      Could be a neck thing. Maybe there is some spasming going on in your neck muscles. Could be pressing on blood vessels as well as nerves.
    4. thomas hubbard

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      Seven years ago
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      Power tools,
      Time to see a doctor, the numbness in your face scares me a little. Have your blood pressure checked. I hope you feel better soon. Tom
    5. jaxson3010

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      Houston, TX
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      So many possibilities. In my research, I have found that it could be IIH, High jugular bulb, abberant sigmoid sinus, stenosed dural sinuses, sigmoid sinus diverticulum, transverse sinus stenosis, etc. The list goes on and on. Just see a neurosurgeon who will order about 1,ooo tests. Hopefully, one of them will tell you the cause. I've been to multiple doctors and had multiple tests done. This has been a marathon. Still waiting for a diagnosis...Don't give up.
    6. Shellbailey

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      Ugh, that's crazy because mine is worse when I lay down! I have PT in my right ear only, but it's not constant. If I lay on my left side, it starts up instantly and it's super loud. I cant say that I've had numbness in my face, however. :( I hope we all get answers soon!
    7. Kelvin

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      June 2016
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      Dental Work

      That all sounds familiar to me. Mine started after dental work. I had never had T before, but had a lifetime of neck, shoulder and jaw pain from architectural practice - drawing boards and computers.
      Mine is also better when I lay down and even better if I turn my head to the Left. I can also change the intensity and pitch by tensing my jaw or throat in various positions. I realise none of this helps you ( or me ) really, but you are not alone. Seems everyone T is different. What a treat !! Learn to somehow love it and try and keep busy. Walk in nature and try not to dwell. Wishing you a Quiet day X
    8. Pat W.

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      Oct. 1, 2016
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      Pusatile - plane landing
      I also have PT. I am on a group in facebook (closed) called Whooshers. Check it out. I would love to know how to drain the fluid from my inner ear and hopefully get rid of this PT. I have been trying acupuncture, but it hasn't helped. Had all the tests....not the invasive ones......discouraged. Pat
    9. kaylarose43

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      vascular loop pressing on nerve, empty sella syndrome
      Hello, I had almost the exact same symptoms. I recieved a brain MRA with a Internal autitory canal MRA and it turns out I have a vascular loop. It's nothing major but it can be treated. I would see about getting a similar test.

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