Pulsed Magnetic-Field Therapy: A New Concept to Treat Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by LizaLiza, Feb 26, 2015.

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      Ok so I am researching Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy. There is a youtube video link below. Link B is a site where it sells it but you can also rent it out for $500 for 6 months with a $1,000 deposit. Link C is a statement by the International Tinnitus Journal saying that it has benefits. I am curious if anyone has ever tried it? Thoughts?

      QRS - Tinnitus - Ringing in the Ears

      B) http://www.essense-of-life.com/moreinfo/equipment/Q-510/QRS+101+Home+System.htm

      C) http://www.tinnitusjournal.com/detalhe_artigo.asp?id=425
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      Almost zero information for this product on websites that are selling it.
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      Looks very dubious.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      theres plenty on the website-Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field and tinnitus
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      I know that the guy who runs selfhacked.com is pretty bullish on PEMF. I believe you can in theory also just get the magnetic leads for one of the devices, hook them up to any audio feed to a 1/8" jack, and then use various audio files as the PEMF input -- but calibrating and testing the device parameters is a harder problem.

      (edit: yes, this stuff is woo-woo AF, if that wasn't obvious from the site)
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      This is a very good article. Although it's been 2 years since it was published, I've seen nothing to make me believe they've given up on the approach. Dr. Folmer's team adapted a treatment already approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression for a totally new application. They have already shown improvement in many cases and hopefully it will be available everywhere for tinnitus patients. As a veteran and 20+ year sufferer of tinnitus, I'd loved to be a part of his test group.
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      Hearing loss - Explosion - Stress
      I just came across a message from the Norwegian tinnitus organisation about magnetic therapy. Several people have been stating that their tinnitus has become less intrusive after using this therapy for other reasons. Maybe something to it?
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      I found this comment posted at the selfhacked.com link about the ICES PEMF device:

      clock-icon.png Submitted July 10, 2016 04:27PM
      This is the answer I received from Dr. Dennis re: tinnitus when I asked him:

      “Dear Melanie,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and I am very happy to hear our system was helpful for your back.

      I am also glad you contacted me before trying to use our system for tinnitus because that is the one condition where we see no benefit from using or system. Some people actually report that using our system temporarily makes tinnitus worse, so I suggest that you do not try to use our system for tinnitus.

      Bob Dennis”
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      I've tried the ices m1 from them before I saw Robert Dennis post. I confirm it did not help in my case.

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