Question About the Best Type of Sound Therapy?

Discussion in 'Support' started by PDTemplar, Feb 2, 2017.

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      One thing I have noticed is that with different treatments it seems their is a preferred brand or method that is more likely to work, for instance when I was researched Ginkgo Biloba. I found that EGB 761 is basically the only type of Ginkgo to have better results than the placebo. I sat and read dozens of studies conducted, about different types of Ginkgo and came to my conclusion. And found that others on this board came to a similar conclusion about it.

      So my question is this, is there a type of sound therapy that is widely regarded as very effective in comparison to other ones? Some of them are quite expensive, assuming cost isn't an issue, is there a clear standout that has a high success rate?
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      I've researched sound therapies so I can tell you what I found out.

      No. Each of them claims some success rate, but none of them stands out as "the winner by far".
      All the ones I've come across are targeted at tonal tinnitus.
      The leading direction consists of generating a sound that has energy on the edges of the tonal frequency, but not at the frequency itself. So there is a notch around the frequency, and on each side of the notch is some sound energy. Some therapies use notched white noise, others use tones (like ACRN), and there is also Tailor Made Notched Music Training, which is similar in its principle, but where you can get treatment while you listen to music (and you can't tell there is a notch - well at least I can't tell).

      I haven't seen any correlation between cost and effectiveness.

      This youtube channel has a few samples of therapies.

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