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Discussion in 'Support' started by Catarina, Dec 30, 2013.

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      I know many of you like me suffer from pressure, blockage in the ear/ears along with the tinnitus. Possibly due to eustachian tube dysfunction. I don't have a diagnosis, but I'm having a lot of trouble lately with my bad ear blocking up and I feel a constant increasing pressure in it. And that changes the sound of the tinnitus and makes it more difficult to handle. I feel like I need to pop my ear constantly, if it pops it eases a bit. If somebody else with similar problems would be kind enough to answer a few questions I would be so grateful.
      First question: Do you avoid getting water in your ears? I have always submerged my ears for as long as possible while having a hot bath, since that makes my sound go quiet. Only for a few minutes, but those are precious minutes! But now I wonder if this is bad for the eustachian tubes? Should I avoid getting water in my ears?
      Second question: Do you avoid flying? Strangely enough my tinnitus used to get better after a flight, it could be quiet for up to 3 days. Lately, however, landing is painful and my ears block up completely. How do the rest of you handle flying?
      Lastly, how to you deal with the blockage on the whole? Any tips on things that might help would be immensely appreciated.
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      Really don't know
      Me too have the same questions.... I've had T for 6 months now and although I can handle the T better the clogged blocked ear feeling and the need to constantly pop my ear is the hardest!!! Anyone ?

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