Random Tinnitus Spike — Any Ideas Why?

Discussion in 'Support' started by TJPositive, Mar 24, 2014.

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      Hello all,

      It's been awhile since I last visited. The good, or should I say great news is that I have sucessfully habituated to the constant ringing in my ear. 99% the time, I am not phased by the noise like I used to be and quickly forget about it when I'm reminded of it. Things have drastically improved since the times that pushed me into joining this board, and I'm happy to say the least.

      However, there is still one thing that annoys me here and there that can quickly turn my mood around and that's the random spikes. For the most part these happen in my right ear, which doesn't have a constant ringing (or perhaps one I can't hear) oddly enough and the noise tames down in a couple of minutes max. Rarely though, and I type this now going through the second time this has happened, I get a spike in my left ear which has the constant ringing, and it lasts a fair bit longer. The first time it lasted about an hour and this time so far it's been about 30 minutes and it's still going strong. What's prompted me to inquire about a possible cause for this is that I noticed a small trend. The first time the spike occured in my left ear, I was laying down in bed on my left side with my head resting in my hand watching TV. And today when my left ear spiked, I was in the same position. It probably doesn't seem that unusual, but after having this condition for some time now and the only two times a spike has occured in my problem ear and had similar circumstances I can't help but wonder. The TV isn't up loud, the weather is different to the last spike, I'm not feeling unwell.. I'm sure there's other factors that contribute to people's tinnitus but currently I'm not aware of any others.

      Any ideas? For awhile now I've wondered about some fluid possibly being trapped behind the eardrum. The last time I saw a doctor about it though he seemed confident that wasn't the case. Anyway, thanks in advance for any answers.

      P.S - the excess noise from the spike has stopped since I started this thread. :)
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      I get this had it this morning. And a couple nights ago I think it has something to with my posture spine and neck. Only happens when my neck is in a weird position and goes away

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      Fleeting T? I get it all the time.. Shouldnt effect your normal T

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