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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by john zoidberg, May 29, 2015.

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      hi all.

      im new here, but have been aware of the site for some weeks due to sudden onset of high pitched ringin in my right ear. The onset may gave been caused by a cold which became a sinus infection, which in turn caused ETD blockage in my right tube, fullness of ear and unequal ear pressure causing muffling in right ear. There is a possibility the infection has just damaged my inner ear or cochlear, I'm just not sure. There could also jaw or neck issues at play.

      Anyway, when the ringing started, saying my life turned to crap is an understatement. I actually looked at my gun safe imagining that was my only way to ever be free of the ringing. And I have a wife and young daughter. pretty distressing.

      I sought help through this forum reading success stories and possible treatment options. I tried and continue to take ginko, and am now on a anti depressivecalled tryptoline or something. I ccertainly have been suffering anxiety long before t started up in earnest, and no doubt have been in denial of depression induced by massive amounts of stress both st work and home.

      It took me till today, when I got the anti depression meds preccribed to realise, that I have already been dealing with t long before this recent apparent increase.

      I spent 6 year in the army as s tank crewman. I recall now lyingin my ssleeping bag as a 18 year old after 18 hours of operations each day for weeks at a time, wearing a gentex helmet, listening to the hum in my ears of the noise cancellation and feedback whistle from the intercom.

      I have been a clubber, and remember myears ringing for days sometimes after a big niight.

      I am also a hunter, and have had high powered rifle s go off just beside my head.

      I then remembered, that because of all these things I put my ears thror I have always had ringing in my ears in silent environments, but I could always focus away from it, like if I heard a car pull up outside in the middle of the night in bed. The buzzing just disappeared when I needed it to, and I could listen over it.

      So,before I actually took my first anti depression med today, I actually realised I was either starting to habituate, or the t was subsiding. An epiphany?

      As I write this, I'm in bed beside my wife, and yes I have t in both ears, and just slightly higher in my right as it has been since my flare up. But you know what, I don't seem to care now, because I realise I gave been dealing with it for years and each time I have habituated. So I realised, his time WILL BE NO DIFFERENT!

      The difference is that this recent onset has come at a time I was sick, stressed and anxious, and had some family issues at home. I started dealing with these things, and it made acceptance of t easier, and reminded me, "hey, this is something you actually already had why are you stressing about a minor burst in intensity that will probably go away or your brain will start ignoring".

      I will continue the meds and also be far more protective of my ears around loud noise, but I'm also going to let my brain do it's thing, and not expect the magic bullet in the form of a pill or procedure. I am also going to work on my relationship, my stress at work and my health. These things definitely affect t, and how you can deal with it.

      Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope this does help someone out there.
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      Ear infection?
      You are so right! My second ENT (the caring one lol) said that she believes the infection damaged my ear as well. I also remember pre T days that I thought I could hear it sometimes. I always hated being in silence and always slept with a fan because the silence was "deafening". But glad to hear you are doing better also! Cheers! :rockingbanana:
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      Loud Music
      I'm new to this forum thing and the tinnitus as well so I apologize in advance if I am not doing it correctly. Your post sounds to me like you would understand what I am feeling right now. I was actually a professional classical guitar player for many years and due to the focus on tone and timbre in addition to the quiet nature of the instrument my ears have always been especially aware of extra noise. Up until 2 months ago, I had no experience with any extra sounds in my ears. I pretty much heard total silence when I plugged my ears. I used to hate White noise and fans always drove me crazy. I have been playing electric music the past several years but like I said, never had any issues. However, my ears seem to have given out after an especially loud jam session about 2 months ago. Woke up the next day and thought the PA speakers were left on only to notice the plug dangling and thought Uh Oh!

      This has been the worst two months of my life. My friends and family think that I am worried about the fact that my ears have been damaged. That is not it at all. I just feel as if I am being tortured most of the time and I am really worried that I suddenly won't be able to handle it anymore. Tried reading the Power of Now which was very helpful to me in past situations involving depression and anxiety. Not helping as much right now because the Now has become what I want to escape. I have a lot of stress in my life right now due to a new job with huge responsibilities and a wife who is starting to feel her biological clock. Used to drink a few beers every night to calm down. That just makes me feel desperate the entire next day, so I have cut out the alcohol altogether. Any habituation tips would be greatly appreciated.

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