Reading for Pleasure — Can You Still Do It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Constable85, Jul 14, 2015.

    1. I have to sit in a quiet office and read and write all day for work but, that's work. I have not laid in bed and read a book for personal pleasure since my T hit me. It's too scary. I hate quiet rooms and the thought of lying in one while reading spooks me and makes me feel like I'd be over-analyzing what I hear the whole time. I can get through a day at work but at home I usually have the TV on, air-conditioner on or something to have some light background noise. What about you guys? Can you read a book for personal pleasure in a quiet room without fixating on your hearing?
    2. jimH
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      @Constable85 ...When I was having the same problem I found that playing a CD of ocean surf sounds on low volume was very helpful. Are there any particular sounds in nature that are soothing to you but at the same time you will not find too distracting while you're trying to read?

      This is similar to what worked for me. However, I realize that it might not work for you.

      4 Hours Ocean Waves Sea Waves Stunning Sound -...
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    3. Gr8fulDude

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      Once I got over the initial bump, reading helped soothe me and make me forget about T. Don't give up. It will happen for you. Great suggestion by jimH above.
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    4. Karen

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      I agree with JimH about the water sounds. Those seem to be the most soothing background sound for many of us, myself included.

      When my T and PT first became severe, five years ago, I could not stand to sit still in a quiet room and read a book, something which I truly lamented. It has taken me awhile, but now, five years later, I read every night. I keep a list of the books I read each year, and I was in the 30-book range at the end of 2014. What happened? I think it is truly mind over matter, and giving your brain a chance to adjust to the new sounds in your head. I'm at the point now where I can tune those sounds out when I am really absorbed in something.

      You'll get there, too, Constable. It just takes time and patience. Please be optimistic, and don't ever give up hope!

      Best wishes,
    5. Nich

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      My T began while reading a book in bed and luckily reading has always helped my T move to the background. At first I used ocean sounds as well and they were helpful.

      I also sit in a quiet office all day doing my job and I had to have ambient noise for the first 6 months. Now it breaks my concentration more than the T.

      If you get engrossed in reading I bet it will help you forget about your T while doing it.
    6. Telis

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      My T gets louder with background noise so I just sit and bear it in the quiet most of the time. As far as reading, if its nothing past about a 6 grade comprehension level I'm ok concentrating with my T blasting away. Anything that is too technical, or that I can't just scan through I have issues with. It's pretty pathetic really.
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    7. Cheza

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      Barking dogs/stress
      Part of my job is proofreading and it's all I can do to get through it, because it's often complex and I have to really mentally focus, which makes the T more intrusive. Reading for pleasure is different, though, and sometimes the T will lower in volume and move into the back of my head instead of being front and center, if that makes sense. Unfortunately, as soon as I stop reading, it jumps right back to where it was.

      I have always kept my surroundings as quiet as possible. Even now, I can't stand background noise or any kind of masking that seems to help other people. It doesn't help me at all, it just irritates me. :grumpy:
    8. LillianLexicon97

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      I too have found solace in reading; oft have the prose of crafty word smiths soothed my anxious mind. As long as the work is captivating I don't believe it should be a problem.
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    9. Kopesy

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      I'll never know
      Sure! It's been a couple of years retracing my steps to that 'imaginary doorway'. For too long had the insistent noise of reality kept the books perched on the shelve. I've finally found a way to cover my tracks & slink away behind the veil of 'silence' in which only myself & the words of another keep company.
      It's just a matter of time & patience; it will come if you forget to wait..
    10. Jameson

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      Good thread. I love reading, and when Tinnitus first hit me, one of the things that depressed me most, was thinking that I would be forced to give up this pleasure.

      After a while, when I finally achieved some degree of success with accepting Tinnitus, I was able to hear it without reacting with anxiety. And after that, reading became possible again.

      I also find comfort and encouragement in the fact that many writers in history has struggled with this condition.
    11. Natalie Roberts

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      Pregnancy or mild hearing loss.. Who knows.

      This is how I have felt most comfortable as well. I don't do the masking during the day because I find it more of an annoyance then it feel like it helps.
    12. Sgguy46

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      What is pleasure?
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    13. glynis

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      Love reading Peter James books on my kindle fire and other her books when my had isn't in the shed...lots of love glynis
    14. Tweaker

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      Noise exposure
      I have to review technical documents as part of my job. It can be difficult to concentrate even at work with background noise. At home, reading is no longer a pleasure but a battle for attention between the book and the T.

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