Really??? They Put a Bionic Eye in Someone but No Tinnitus Treatments??

Discussion in 'Support' started by jeannie, May 20, 2016.

    1. jeannie

      jeannie Member

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      Noise-induced, Ear Infection, Medication... Who knows?
      They just put a bionic eye in someone,so now they can see?? That's great! But what the hell about something to at least lower this crap for us???????
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    2. bill 112

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      Republic Of Ireland
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      Noise exposure
      We have our own version of that,a cochlear implant and it don't work to good,if anything it gives you T!
    3. Zeneth

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      Very Unknown At This Point.... most likely loud sound?
      Stem cells studies are increasing, scientists are being able to fully recreate body parts with stems cells! Eventually they may be able to fully regenerate or recreate and ear!

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