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      It's me again. I'm sorry for bugging you all. Again, I'm 15. I listen to music with earbuds most days, about half volume with both on my way to/from school, much lower inside with usually only one earbud in. I have never experienced tinnitus before outside of 2 days during an ear infection and a few concerts. (both were cheap seats far away from the amps and stage) I've had ringing since Friday, having been to no loud events recently, and I've since had wax cleaned from the left ear (where the ringing was dominant) which made things feel better (no longer a bell tone, rather a tv-hissing. But it did not go away. My GP noticed how red my throat and nose was and how scratchy my voice was and assured me it is negative pressure (which made sense with the earaches and pressure in my head), also assuring me that with my music it was not noise induced. HOWEVER, what I failed to mention before was how terrible and bloated and crampy I felt in the days before. I rarely ate. My cramps along with the ringing kept me up. I did some research, and some women and girls do experience tinnitus before and during their menstrual cycle. Granted, this would be the first time this has occurred, but I also didn't have cramps until they happened one month. Long story short, I have received many signs this is temporary and should leave but I still have my doubts and have been blaming myself a lot. I even tested my mp3 volumes, and found that they were at the recommended level. (It's not like I even listen to it all the time, there's many hours in school were we have no opportunity to do so) Overall, I would just like any reassurance if you can about how to keep up hope, especially when nobody has ever pointed it to me except myself.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hiv kitty,
      Menstruation can cause tinnitus and spike tinnitus due to the extra water retention.
      You can buy tablets like Waterfalls etc to help with water retention see if it helps....lots of love Glynis
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      So you've had tinnitus before and it went away?

      My advice is lay off the ear buds. It's easy to listen to noxious levels of noise with this things and not notice.
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      Being Positive is key. I think in the beginning if you are positive about the whole experience and convince yourself T will go away, then your brain won't latch onto T as much. Obviously easier said than done. :wacky:

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