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Discussion in 'Support' started by Lea88, Apr 1, 2016.

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      I recently started having tinnitus a week ago in my right ear. Firstly, it was a quiet ring, but since around 2 days ago, it has gotten really high-pitched. I've seen two doctors, and they have both come to the conclusion that the cause of my tinnitus is impacted ear wax. Both of them said my ear wax was so bad that they could not even see my ear drum, even after a week of olive oil. From yesterday, I've started using sodium bicarbonate ear drops. I also have an appointment to have microsuction on Tuesday.

      What I'm rather scared and panicky about is whether the ringing will reduce after suctioning. I was quite calm when tinnitus started but ever since it has gotten very high-pitched and loud, I'm scared that this won't help at all. Has anyone been in my position before, and did removing the ear wax help?

      The tinnitus is currently really distressing as I have numerous assignment deadlines, and exams to revise for, but I'm struggling to do anything currently.
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      Wax removal should calm down your tinnitus and for no st that's caused by wax it should go away.
      You have done the right thing using olive oil prior to wax removal to make the cleaning go smoothly and soften any crusting around the drum itself.......
      Keep us posted how you get on Tuesday....lots of love glynis
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      Accustic tramma due being too close to a fire craker when I was a kid
      I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest that you "DONT LET THEM USE SUCTION"...I had that done once and it gave me the worst spike I have ever had,,,it took 3 months to get back to my baseline. Make them do it manually, with an otoscope and I think it's called a cuurded tool. That's the only safe way. I have to have that done every 6 months or so. The ENT's don't like to do it that way because it takes more time, but I would NOT do it any other way. Same thing with syringing, and ear candling, not a good idea, but not as bad as "Suction" suction is way too loud.

      But I do feel that once you clear the ear canal your tinnitus will go down, It does for me. The wax is blocking out any background sounds that naturally mask it right now.

      Good luck


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