Reduced Ear Fullness...Tinnitus Actually Coming from Right Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Malerie, Feb 22, 2016.

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      ENT and GP think Sinuses
      So I have had Tinnitus 24/7 for a month now...I know I'm a newbie and it can very well go away but I found something interesting. My T started out excessively loud..first 2 weeks were excruciating and I thought the T was coming from my left ear (scale of was a 9 and some days was 10+). I felt alot of fullness and pressure on the left side around my left ear and I coukd hear the ringing coming from my left ear when it started. So of course I though the culprit was my left ear with all the fullness and pressure. I've been to the ENT and checked ears (no fluid or perforated eardrum), went to GP who said my said my eardrums are retracted (both)...ordered an MRI and nothing on there. So they think it's all related to sinus issues and pressure. So I've been using two nasal sprays to help my eustachian tube open up and I think it's helping....don't have as much fullness on the left side. Well check this out? I don't heat the rininging on the left side...the RIGHT EAR is the culprit!!! I put in ear plugs when at church because music so loud and when I put the plug in the left ear, I can't heAR the ringing in my head but put the plug in the right ear and yep I can hear the rining! Interesting! Makes me wonder if the right ear has been the culprit all along anD I couldn't tell because I was so anxious and worried about the ringING when it started! The ringing was coming from everywhere when first started but I reacted so badly to it that I think I exacerbateD the ringing. Ringing is at a 4 right now and tolerable but I'm hopeful it will still continue to dwindle! I only mask at nighg because during the day most noises cover it up or me focusing my attention on other things forces me not to concentrate on my T. Just some thoughts I had!
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      Benzo + loud noise
      Fullness is typical in early stages, so is T's inability to decide where to settle down.
      If caused by ETD/Sinus/pressure , you are "lucky" , it should subside.

      Also , paragraphs :)
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