Relationship Between Cough and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sat, Sep 19, 2014.

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      Has anyone ever experienced any relationship between cough and tinnitus? I find it odd that no one mentions it on the internet, however, in my experience, tinnitus has a very strong relationship with cough. On "very clear throat" days, I hardly hear it. "Throat congestion" days it's more audible. Again, cough subsides, T reduces.

      I haven't seen anybody make this observation on the internet so wondering is it something specific to me?
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      Ive suspected that my seasonal allergies that causes post nasal drainage, dryness and irritation in the throat to cause a sore throat and possibly irritate Eustachian tubes resulting in increased T.
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      Probably headphones
      Cough is probably not linked with T but nasal congestion yes. Cough and nasal congestion go often hand in hand.

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