Relationship of Tinnitus to Vertigo, Meniere's and Sarcoidosis — Things That May Help

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      As others, I am new to this site and after reading many of the posts would like to share, not convince, in case others may hear something in my words that make sense. This will be a long post because of the background required and will be about my wife's battle for the last year and what seems to help.

      A year ago my wife had a severe attack of vertigo after an elevator ride from the 40th floor of a hotel to ground. The severe imbalance lasted for a day and a half, so more than a temporary reaction to the elevator ride. During the year prior she had several ear infections off and on addressed with antibiotics and a minor case of vertigo symptoms that dissipated within several hours.

      Unknown to us when the short lived attack was over after an emergency room visit, a ct scan had shown a slight enhancement of the cerebral lining but apparently the staff felt that was inconsequential - well it's turned out that it may not have been so inconsequential.

      Fast forward to the severe attack from the elevator ride. Several months after the vertigo symptoms resolved, she saw an audiologist that confirmed she did in fact have vertigo so she started vertigo therapy - physical therapy movements that reposition the "rocks" in the ear to where they should be. The treatments were successful but the symptoms would return after a period - at first it took almost 2 weeks to return but this gradually shortened to where the treatments would only last several days. At that point the therapist told us he felt something else was going on to cause the return of symptoms so quickly. Next step was to see a Neurologist. An MRI then CT Scan showed an enhancement of the cerebral lining, as in the one the year before, but to the Neurologist it indicated something not right. We discussed Sarcoidosus which is still a possibility since my wife chose not to undergo the biopsy procedure that might confirm it - very invasive to the brain. The main reason for declining the biopsy was that she was doing much better with her balance and and didn't want to risk the negative effects of a brain biopsy unless she was getting worse. Sarcoidosus is an Autoimmune disorder where the body's immune systems attacks other healthy cells in the body mistaking the cells as bad cells. The immune system engulfs the 'invading cells' in protein forming granulomas which accumulate and can eventually choke off proper body functions. This can occur usually in the lungs but also in other organs and in the nervous system.

      In late March last year, 2014, her balance began to get worse. By April 1 she could not function independently. She was a 2nd grade teacher and she reached the point that she could not drive to school and maintain her classroom, I even had to help her navigate down the hallway to the bathroom because she could not make it safely on her own. This went on for weeks while we talked to doctors and I researched medical journals, articles and internet 'stories'. My rule for internet info is I need to see something from 5 different sources before I will start to take it seriously enough to look further.

      I stumbled onto much discussion regarding Serapeptase/ Serapeptidase, and Protease enzyme with reported outstanding capabilities and effects of dissolving scare tissue, arterial plaque, dead tumors while leaving health body tissue alone. It is available from a number of companies off the shelf in various formulas at our local healthy foods supermarket. So I purchased some and my wife tried it and within a week began to feel a little better. Our chiropractor is also a certified nutritionist and offers and supports a wide ranging enzyme treatment program. I discussed Serapeptase with him and after research he identified one of his products that contained Serapeptase and Natokinase so after further researching it, he recommended trying it and she did. Two weeks later, she was able drive and to return to the classroom and finish the school year with her class and she continues to be able to function. It's not gone but she can function (we use a scale of 0-10 with 10 being I've fallen and I can't get up.) She now wakes up around a 1 to a 1-1/2 and her balance only worsens with changes in the barometer. High or low doesn't matter but the change in pressure can wreck havoc with her balance.

      I apologize for this being such a long way to get to the connection. Two months ago she began to have Tinnitus - rushing sounds, roaring sounds and a feeling of 'fullness' in her ears. (The fullness also accompanied the balance problems in the previous 6 months.) Usually as the Tinnitus symptoms begin she also experiences slight balance difficulties. After additional research and trial, two things seem to help. She started on an additional enzyme therapy that addresses the vascular system that can relieve fluid in the ears and we have some 'natural' eardrops that she takes when the tinnitus is beginning - it's not constant. The ear drops contain Calendula, St. John's Wort, Mullein and Garlic all natural substances. With both, within a couple of hours the tinnitus symptoms go away. With the ear drops taken as it's coming on, several times it has stopped the symptoms within 15 minutes.

      I consider these 'natural' treatments rather than homeopathic or naturalistic that others have discussed. She is taking a mix of natural enzymes, mostly protease in nature, as am I, and we both are other wise in good health and feeling good and very active with our kids and various projects. She is 65 and I am 68 this month. I can't assure anyone that these treatments are what has made the difference but they are natural and cannot harm her. She is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and because of the cancer she has completely changed our diet and nutrition regimen so maybe that has made the difference or contributed to her improvement. Whatever it is that has made the difference I thank God for it. I kills me when I see her in pain or disfunctional since she has always been such an active, vibrant, intelligent and caring woman.

      I share all fo this in case there is something in our experience that may help someone else and also for input and feedback on any experience of others and on other possible treatment approaches. I just don't buy the line that Tinnitus or Sarcoidosus or Cancer or any Autoimmune disorder are not fixable or treatable; only that someone hasn't developed a treatment or cure or stumbled on to one yet. I admit I am an eternal optimist and one who never says can't or I give up. I will appreciate anyone's comments, especially any that can broaden understanding in the areas I've discussed or other ways to address Tinnitus and overall health.

      Thanks for listening.
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