Ringing Ears with Ear Pressure and Electrical Vibrations

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lisa Sevaaetasi, Mar 12, 2021.

    1. Lisa Sevaaetasi

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      Plug ears don't know

      My name is Lisa. I've had tinnitus since 2006 and it took me about a year to get used to it.

      Fast forward to a few years ago, when I came home one night after work and turned my car off, I heard a vibration, and an electrical zoom sound, as if my car was still on. I got out and went into the house and it went away.

      Then a couple of years later, this past November, I got it permanently.

      I have loud ringing ears now and my ears are more plugged with pressure, like I'm swollen in there.

      I can hear my heartbeat in my left ear, but not in my right ear.

      It's always louder when I come home and turn my car off. The vibration and electrical zoom sound are crazy. I go inside and it's like a drum in my right ear and I can feel the vibration of it. Like a car zooming by. The drumming sound I heart 24/7 now.

      When I breathe through my nose, the air goes in and out of my ears. The pressure of that is so scary. I feel like I'm in a nightmare and just want to wake up. I can also shake my head and actually FEEL my regular tinnitus, like my ears are swollen. I'm hanging in there but it's really hard now.

      My ears always pop when I swallow something.

      I can hear pretty good on top of all of this which is great.

      I wanted to know if anyone else deals with this?
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    2. billie48

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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum, Lisa. Sorry to hear you are dealing with these strange new symptoms.

      What you describe is quite similar to what I am going through right now and I had sudden hearing loss (SSHL) about 3 months ago. I lost hearing on my left ear overnight. Besides hearing loss, the other nasty symptoms of feeling aural fullness, pressured and plugged sensations causing something like a swimmer's ear effect, which is like sound is trapped in a bubble and got amplified like a drum effect.

      Hyperacusis actually feasts on such condition and it appears a lot louder than normal hyperacusis. I am hoping that the pressured and plugged sensation will slowly fade over time which many people with SSHL did say would happen in due time. So hope you are not too worried about this.

      You may want to see an ENT to determine if you have hearing loss. If you have SSHL, then yo may need to get some oral prednisome asap and may require injection if the oral approach is not effective. The ENT should discuss with you other options of treating SSHL (if you have that).

      Good luck. God bless.
    3. guenguer

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      Sudden hearing loss 2004/12/14/15
      I do. The same pressure problems. ENTs can't find anything causing this.

      Eardrums are fine, no fluid, tympanograms are fine.

      I'm always having pressure, it varies but it's always there. Right now it feels like my head would explode.
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    4. makeyourownluck

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      I experience all of these things, I could have written this myself (except the electrical zoom).

      Did you ever find a cause? Did it improve?
    5. Rockman

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      Noise, allergy
      Same thing here. When I breathe at night, it sounds like air going through my ears.

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