Ringing in Right Ear Potentially from Ear Infection?

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      Potentially ear infection

      So, I guess I'm going through the usual stages of first getting tinnitus - really sad and anxious and wanting it to be over.

      Since January, I had pain when using earphones (they were the same earphones, I hadn't changed them). After ten minutes, my ears would ache. Prior to this I did have what was most likely the flu (Fever, cold, tiredness) and probably sinusitis (i remember having pain between by eyebrows for two nights). I did also listen to music - in fact, this is really upsetting me because music is like the only thing that kept me going and now it seems I'll never be able to use earphones/headphones again. I wouldn't say I listened to it loud but did fairly often.

      Initial GP appointment said my eardrum was fine but ears were inflamed. Multiple doctors appointments with eardrops and sprays (otomize and gentamicin w/ hydrocortiosne) later and no improvement. I then got told the inflammation had progressed to infection and got given antibiotics tablets which helped (by then my ears were feeling really itchy).

      I will admit I did use earphones but only for like half an hour maybe every two weeks just to get my music fix - besides that I didn't use them.

      Alongside this, I started getting neck and shoulder pain, and my right shoulder was in a lot of pain and it impacted my wrists to the point where i couldn't type and had to take a week of work. I'll admit I do not have great posture and could see my shoulders were rounding so I consciously started to fix my posture and the pain started going away. I tested again my ears again a few weeks after for 10 mins and still pain, and doctor gave me the same otomize and took a swab of my ear which came back normal.

      Fast forward to four days ago where I woke up with sore throat, fever and ringing in my right ear. When I swallow I notice the crackling sometimes in my right ear. Doctor has prescribed me antibiotics again (but due to coronavirus they couldn't examine my ear, I just mentioned my symptoms). The shoulder and neck pain is also starting to come back, I have a feeling its all related. Doctor has referred me to ENT but the appointment is only in August (most likely due to coronavirus limiting places) so I'm trying to go private but don't know how successful I'll be.

      I just don't know how I'm going to cope tbh, anyone have advice on how to limit the ringing? I currently sit downstairs with my parents with the TV on so I'm not alone with the silence and ringing. I can't imagine my life without my earphones and listening to music, I honestly don't know what the point of living is without it. I wish I could just... enter a coma or something, I don't know. Music helped me cope so much and now... I have nothing.

      I'm trying to be positive in that my hearing doesnt seem to be affected but I genuinely don't know how I'm going to cope. Definitely won't use earphones or headphones until I know what's happening from ENT. Any advice would be appreciated.

      Thank you for reading.
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      Ear infection
      Hi. How are you coping? Are you healthy now? I am suffering the same- ringing from ear infection. I think initially it started from sinuses and then my ear got affected.
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      This sounds very similar to my story. Have you been tested for borrelia and Ebstein-Barr virus?
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