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Discussion in 'Support' started by Kevin1153, Dec 29, 2014.

    1. Kevin1153

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      Out of the blue, this ringing started yesterday. It continued into today until I noticed a lot of earwax buildup. After I had that cleaned, the ringing stopped briefly but has now started again :(. I can't sleep and it's really frustrating. I've had headphones on three days ago listening to music at 45% if that helps. But I wanted to know if this will go away in a few days or so, I can't stand it.

      Thank you,
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    2. George Brady

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      Only time well till sound app on a phone laptop or iPad and try and stay calm I know that's hard to do but give it some time to settle down
    3. AUTHOR

      Kevin1153 Member

      I had a sound app on over night and it helped me sleep better. I apologize for my eagerness in advance, but will it ever go away? I am pretty young and go to school, I'm worried I might have permanent damage to my ear even though I have very good hearing.
    4. AUTHOR

      Kevin1153 Member

      Also I do have a question. Does sound therapy many hours daily eventually remove Tinnitus completely?
    5. Marcini

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      @Kevin1153 Tinnitus will either disappear for no reason or continue. It is an unpredictable beast. Nothing you can do will really help you and sound therapy is certainly no cure. It can, however, be very useful as a distraction against the tinnitus if used properly to mask it. Unfortunately it's just a case of waiting a few weeks and re-evaluating the situation at a later date.
    6. I who love music

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      It's not "Out of the blue." Ditch those headphones now.
    7. AUTHOR

      Kevin1153 Member

      Still ringing, but for some reason the ringing stopped for my right ear, but continuing on my left.
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    8. AUTHOR

      Kevin1153 Member

      Okay so it's been 6 days and the ringing is still going on, two days ago the ringing stopped on my right ear and going on my left. Is this a good sign, or a bad sign?

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