Safe Antibiotics?

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Aug 7, 2014.

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      Can somebody please tell me if any antibiotics are safe to take.
      I'm just about to go and see dr for possible laryngitis so I would appreciate a quick response.
      I just can't trust drs when it comes to medications and tinnitus:(
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      Head Injury
      Well, here is a topic that never gets old.

      Simple rule of thumb #1

      1) Any medication where the product name ends in -mycin is ototoxic (some more than others; aminoglycosides should definitely be avoided).
      2) CIPRO should be avoided (topical administration is probably okay, however ie. eardrops).
      3) IV is more ototoxic than orally administered medication.

      Simple rule of thumb #2

      1) Narrow spectrum antibiotics are safe.
      2) Wide spectrum antibiotics are not-so-safe...
      3) Since most people won't know which is which, ask your "doc" for advice, but standard practice is to always start with narrow spectrum before moving on to wide spectrum (where possible).

      Since it is a rule-of-thumb, it is only roughly accurate.
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