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Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by i.m, Apr 28, 2016.

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      For me: Aspartame Poisoning. For Ent: L: TMJD / R: Dunno
      Do you know "Geoff Barker"? Because he is someone who "cured tinnitus for good"... for just 37$!


      But I know this is another scam around the web. And it's quite "old": 2014 version! Just to make some laugh.

      PS: I think a "scams" category could be added somewhere on TT
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      Whiplash or Buzzer (abuse from ex)
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      not known, too many possible causes
      Scam! Somebody sent the "book"/brochure to me via e-mail, exposing the author on the Internet as a scammer.
      In the 37 pages of the "book"/brochure I have not found a single piece of information that was not a general phrase about T that can be found on the Internet.

      Couldn't agree more.
      Thomas Coleman, or something like that, is another one.
      Those scams should be listed and published somewhere, so people convince themselves that those book are not worth paying money for.

      Unfortunately I do not have the "book" of "Mr Geoff" to send it to you, as I have lost the file.

      We should do something for stopping those scammers to collect almost daily money in their accounts from new, desperate T sufferers, in order to protect them from being robbed.

      Should somebody argue that we broke the "copyright laws", publishing their "miracle cures" "for free", when can argue that we did not did such a thing, and should discussions continue, we can ask the accuser to point us where exactly we revealed the "miracle cures/techniques that works for all types of tinnitus" that the authors claim that their books contain. Case closed!

      As a T sufferers community we should do that! We must fight back against the evil people who pray on us, finding in our suffering an opportunity to get rich in an illegal way.
      When the content of the book does not contain what the title of the book says it contains, publishing it is illegal. What they do is illegal, in the same fashion that is illegal the activity of somebody who advertises that he sends, for a certain amount of money, a product with certain qualities, and after you pay them and open the package you find crap! From what I know crap is free, cannot be charged for, when it cannot be used even as manure.

      The author also wears a white coat, to make people believe that he is a doctor. He is not.
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