Scared — Will I Get Used to This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by KelsterB, Dec 15, 2015.

    1. KelsterB

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      I have had tinnitus prolonged for 7 weeks now. It has completely knocked me for six. I am an anxious person anyway and have been prescribed citalopram for this which has, only today been increased. I am currently signed off work sick as found it too much to deal with. My tinnitus is predominantly in my right ear but my left ear also gets a hammering often.
      My question is? Will I get used to this?? I am so debilitated and scared.
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    2. Phil-O

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      Hi @KelsterB
      All of us when new to T have felt the same so you're not alone. Check out the success stories especially @I who love music 's back to silence method. A few of us are using this to help. Best wishes Phil
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      You'll prob get used to it soon. Try not to be so anxious. Even if it doesn't go away naturally, there would be treatments soon (you can read about them online). I know it might take years to come, but it's better than being anxious and lose your ability to (sort of) enjoy your life now. I know the last few days I had anxiety attacks, and it makes me feel hopeless, but when I think about what I am missing out being depressed, I get motivated to move.
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    4. glynis

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      Hi kelsterB,
      Tinnitus can be hard going at first and the lack of sleep and the unwanted emotions make it hard going and anxiety and low mood and fear can take hold.
      Their is help from your doctor and family and friends and this great forum too.
      We all understand as we know just how you feel and in time you will cope better...lots of love glynis
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    5. JohnK

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      Who knows?
      I'm supremely anxious and I've been getting used to it.. It happens. Eventually!
    6. AUTHOR

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      Thank you all for your replies. Each one is very helpful. I was having a good week last week and then it hit me again like a ton of bricks. Been crying most days, my husband has been amazing but I hate what this is doing to him. I know it would be easier to start to get my life back by going back to work and just getting on with my life but it is not that simple at the moment. I am a nurse and it is very stressful currently so do not want to go back too soon to be off again.
      I don't even have my ENT (NHS) appt until January and was referred to them 6 weeks ago! Not that I am expecting much from them.
      I find this T the worst thing ever ever to happen to me and just want my life back.
      Sorry for the woe is me stories but just want to gather info from other sufferers when they were in the early stages. I will defo be reading the success stories, as some awful tho ha out there that I have read that have scared me to death
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    7. Plrich

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      When I start to feel sorry for myself because of my hearing loss and constant tinnitus, I remind myself that many other people live with much worse conditions than I have. There are people with cancer, paralysis, terminal diseases, missing limbs. I am able to continue working and living my normal life despite the continuous ringing and buzzing in my ears. It isn't easy, but I choose to keep going. Most people don't have any idea that I have no hearing in one ear and loud ringing in both ears and that's the way I want it. I have no choice but to accept these circumstances and make the best of what I do have. I hope you can learn to do the same.
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    8. Natalie Roberts

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      Pregnancy or mild hearing loss.. Who knows.
      My T onset started about 8 weeks ago, just before Halloween. They're not really sure the cause (pregnancy/hearing loss/stress and anxiety). My anxiety was through the roof. Panic attacks, inabilty to sleep for a good 2-3 weeks straight. I broke down crying often. I saw dr's, hearing tests, and an ENT with basically no answers. Around 3 week or 4 week onset I found this group and I can say it has helped tremendously. I also started seeing a clinical psychotherapist and practicing mindful meditation techniques to help me manage my anxiety/stress levels as I believe they are directly correlated to how loud my T is.

      My T is also reactive to sounds, so the TV, car radio, faucets, road noise etc. makes my T much louder then it is in silent or near silent enviornments. Now, at 8 weeks in my T fluctuates by the hour/day. I have 2 good days followed by 1 or 2 louder days in which the T is constant. On my good days though the T is on/off throughout the day and sometimes gone all together so it gives me hope. I have been unable to take medications for anxiety due to my pregnancy and I'm doing okay with just counseling / meditation to manage those symptoms and I can honestly say it has helped so much.

      I just wanted you to know that I have seen a huge improvement in myself in just the last few weeks and from what everyone tells me in the group it is entirely possible for T to go away on its own especially in new onset t (less then 6 months) but it can still go away on its own even further then that . Even if it doesn't go away most of us will habituate to it, meaning we still hear it but it won't cause an emotional reaction anymore. From what I've read this usually occurs near (12-18 months). Either way, lots of people have this and manage to live perfectly normal lives and are happy. We can be happy too.

      Your onset is really new, like mine so I know it can be difficult to handle some days and the anxiety is overwhelming but just remember- time is your greatest ally in this (From everything I've read and experienced). Try and get lots of sleep and read the success stories. I'm here if you ever want to chat! :)
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    9. Michael Leigh

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      I am sorry to hear of your discomfort. Please don't think ENT are keeping you waiting too long. There is a very good reason why your appointment has been left until January. The ear is a very delicate organ. Many ENT Drs prefer not to intervene too early unless there are additional problems such as: deafness, pain in the ears, balance problems and dizziness. The best treatment for tinnitus in the early stages, which is up to the first 6 months is to leave it "Alone". Many people habituate to tinnitus in this time and it has been known to go away.

      Please click on the link below, I assure you that the posts will not frighten you to death. Keep away from loud sounds and I advise you not to listen to audio through headphones even at low volume. Place a sound machine by your bedside or have low level non intrusive music playing. Set the level just below your tinnitus. This provides sound enrichment. It's not good for anyone with tinnitus to sleep in a quiet room in my opinion.

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