Second Recovery Hyperacusis/Tinnitus!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Conductor, May 24, 2018.

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      03/2011 and 02/2017
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      Conducting orchestras during stress?+ 1 amplified concert
      Dear All

      My tinnitus started in 2013 (age 18) after tree days in front of blasting trombones in the symphonic orchestra. I never experienced hyperacusis at that point though!

      I recovered over the following 6months and was able to conduct and play french horn in orchestras without further problems as I found pleasure in my music again. However, I took time to readjust to these loud brass sounds by gradually exposng myself to them. Furthermore I always had ear plugs on me and wore them frequently if I feared for the safety of my hearing.

      In 2017 I let down my guard ONE TIME only! I went to a great jazz gig but forgot my plugs and as it was amplified it cause mayhem in my left ear, which left me with hyperacusis and a tinnitus far worse than the previous one. This shows that loud amplified music is much more dangerous than mere loud acoustic sound. I experienced no trouble in extremely loud orchestra settings, but the speakers got me eventually!

      Beware and be aware!

      I really fell into a huge black hole as I felt that this time I would never get over it, but guess what, I did.

      As said in my post as 'conductor', I applied the same technique and gradually exposed myself to louder and more high-pitched sounds again and also tried to go out and tolerate city sounds!! This was essential to my recovery as was a good rest for the ears each day. It's all in the balance, between time of exposure and degree of exposure or volume.

      I played the piano first, without ever hitting the upper octaves and as time went by I could bare the higher pitched sounds, but this took several months. Eventually recovery sped up after 5-6 months or during summer when I was able to play full force french horn again and tolerate cutlery and wash dishes without freaking out. This kept improving. Today there are some signs of hyperacusis left but I trust in my experience with the limits of damaging noise. I play and conduct orchestras again, largely without plugs just because I like the experience, but I still use them if necessary. Better safe than sorry!

      Best of luck and a good recovery to all of you!
      Be wise and live happily.
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      December 2017
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      Noise induced, acoustic trauma
      So you are recovered from tinnitus as well? Btw how is your hearing in you have problems with hearing the tones? Also, as a musician do you have any advice for opera singers with tinnitus?
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      Low 20 years high sept 2016
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      Cement factory noise lowT,then stress high T
      So the secret is expose your ears gradually to loud noises and only protect them when noise is extreme Makes sense.
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      Acoustic trauma.

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