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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mike Hillary, Dec 29, 2014.

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      I’ve been living with Tinnitus in my left ear for the past 2 years. I have been to two doctors and they can't found anything wrong with me. They told it might be TMJ and they prescribed me Advil. But, nothing helpeds me. Then I went to an audiologist ( Hearing solutions ) in Toronto and tested my ear. My right ear is perfect, but my left ear was slightly off ranging from 0 to 5 depending on the pitch. That’s why I also feel pressure in my left ear which causes ringing. He recommended to have a tube installed in my ear to relieve the pressure. I hope this will ends my tinnitus. Did anyone here had any similar experience?
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      mid seventies
      Those are popular medical and surgical solutions. I had pressure and fullness that did not respond to repeated medical treatments. I had the fullness years ago, around 1980. A doctor prescribed pills and drops for a year, to no avail. A chiropractor looked in my ear and felt around my head and said I had congestion. He told me to grab my earlobe, pull it outward and go clockwise and counterclockwise a few times, a few times a day. I must've had faith, it looked ridiculous but I kept doing it for weeks. One day I was sitting in the car doing it while my wife was in the store, I remember it well. As I was twirling my earlobe, I felt something 'let go' and then my hearing was gone!! I scared me bad. But then I realized my ear canal was full of junk, white, icky junk. Not pus, thick white junk. I told the chiropractor later and he said, "Yup, you had congestion inner ear infection that was mastetizing. (whatever that means)" I don't know why this would come out my ear canal, but it did, and it was gross. But the fullness was gone and it never came back.

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