Severe Somatic Tinnitus Worsening...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lilah, May 9, 2019.

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      I'm not sure of the cause of my tinnitus, but the somatic symptoms are definitely worsening... Is there a way to stop the worsening? The sound increases with the slightest movements, no longer limited to extreme movements.
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      syringing and now somatic T dental work
      @Lilah When searching for somatic tinnitus symptoms there are three things to do. First try to find a movement that changes level of tinnitus. Second is find areas that hurt such as eyes, neck, mouth/jaw and even the gut. Third is to consider the cranial nerves and major veins and arteries that pump blood.

      Vagus: carries impulses from the throat, esophagus, thorax, and abdomen (gut) to the brain. Motor fibers supply the heart and many smooth muscles and glands.

      For somatic physical tinnitus, a cranial nerve, major vein or artery needs to be considered as having association to some input and sometimes the association is from another body area. One cranial nerve - the vagus carries impulses from the throat, esophagus, thorax and abdomen to the brain. So the gut as one listing has many possible concerns, but the vagus nerve is almost always the Wizard of Oz sitting behind a curtain - unseen. This is the same for the all cranial nerves and major arteries and veins as to who are there supporting team members. A supporting member may be the gut, thyroid, heart or something else.

      With Lupus and somatic tinnitus association - Cranial XI. Accessory: carries impulses to the muscles of the throat, muscles to the back and neck (controls muscles used in head movement). These muscles can tighten up and offset the axis area C1 and C2. Treatment may be controlling forward head posture, physical therapy and in some cases, limited use of a neck collar.

      Any jerking or hyperextension of neck could cause intercranial hypertension with blood flow input from a major artery and XI is also on the playing field.
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      Noise exposure
      So even if you hear your tinnitus all the time, if the tinnitus changes when you stretch your neck, is there a chance it will reduce in loudness if I treat it?
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      Noise exposition-noise trauma-siren
      Same here. First was just when I had done extreme movements like stretching my neck or bending too much. A year ago I began to notice when I was seated my tinnitus would become bilateral, and the sound I used to have mainly on the left side was transferred to the right one. Now if I bend to tie my shoes or even if I yawn or chew, the sound changes all the time.

      It´s annoying, but my tinnitus has some fluctuation. Some days it´s a 5 or 6 and others it´s a 10, but my 10 is always changing, so I don´t give these changes too much attention. I have to deal with a high pitch sound most of the days, a little change is just another thing to deal with.

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