Share Your Success Story Not Only Your WORRIES, Spread HOPE!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Enzo312, Feb 16, 2016.

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      Hello Everyone,

      I have noticed something in most of the online forums ( Not all)and why does googling things cause you depression.
      Mostly because people who have any kind of symptoms google things and share their worries and in case they get healed and cured they disappear, and people are left only with no clue to what happened to this person and why did they disappear!
      Some people post " we are having and MRI / CT Scan" and then you don't hear from them back , you might think they have heard bad news while they could have been healed and that everything was natural but they decided not to post their news.

      Here, I am just trying to shout out one thing " SHARE YOUR SUCCESS" , make people less worried, think of how worried you where when you came here seeking help and posting then remember that others might pass in this,

      We need to share Hope and spread positivity!
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