Should I Be Concerned About Neighbor's Ultrasonic Dog Device?

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Jun 14, 2016.

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      Little worried here as we live in a townhome and our entry ways are basically connected with only a wall down the middle. When I look outside my window I see her entire entryway except for up to the door.

      She has some sort of ultrasonic device for her stupid, yappy dog that I've recorded up to 95db at my own window on the second floor.

      I'm concerned as these devices seem to routinely have the capability to hit 110-120db and since this area has no A.C, and we use our open windows and I'm basically connected to her in this little confined area, that I will be getting hit by this without even knowing.

      She refuses to communicate since we originally asked her to stop the dog from flipping out every time she leaves with it.

      Does anyone know if a db meter can pick it up or do you need something else specific?
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      Wow a place that doesn't need AC, I'm so jealous. My dog barked directly in my ear, gave me a 2month spike. I bought a shock collar for outside yapper, she was extremely loud. The pain from the dogs has eased up a lot. I took off the collar. But yes I thought about getting a megaphone and yelling back at them. Good luck! Snaps will quiet the dog, do it when she isn't around, the dog will remember.


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