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Discussion in 'Support' started by Bao, Oct 7, 2015.

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      Hello, I am 15 years old, and I have just developed Tinnitus. It all started when I was using q tips to clean out my ears, because during the time I havn't cleaned them in so long so I thought of it as a hygiene problem, afterwards, the results were clear but then the next day, I had a fullness feeling in my ear that wasn't as bad and I had flushed them out with methods I had found on youtube, such as squirting water into your ear, it's only been my left ear so far with tinnitus, I have tried multiple flushing in my ears to see if the earwax would come out, but i'm not seeing any progress, it's just water. I have recently just tried to loosen the earwax with baby oil but there was no luck, I still have the tinnitus, and the feeling of fullness in my ear, but it wasn't as bad. I also can't pop my left ear(by holding my noise and exhaling through it), it would only pop my right ear, but during my exercising route, my ears have popped but the tinnitus was still there but very quiet since there were a lot of people around me. When I got home, the problem still persist, but the main culprit might be the earwax, so should I see a doctor even though I do the exact same procedure of flushing, and what if he tells me my ears are clean? Is there any way my tinnitus could be gone? The problem is very much distracting and painful for my sleeping habits, but it's only been a problem today, the first day I had received it I was very glad and able to sleep through it.
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      Hey @Bao

      I think you should definitely go and see an ENT and let him/her take care of your wax..

      Q-tips are not good for cleaning ears, and also water flushing can damage your ears, and someone got Tinnitus like that.. I ONLY get my ears cleaned with a little instrument by my ENT...

      Also if you are still on the first week or two there are some procedures which could help reduce or cancel your Tinnitus, like a steroid course.. Go and ask an ENT as soon as possible... Discuss it with your parents and be more careful with your ears and how you treat them and clean them..

      Best of luck ! Take care !
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      Hello @Lorenzo74

      Thank you very much, I will discontinue my flushing since it had only gave me temporary ear hearing but the tinnitus had just became constant. I hope this will work out.

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