Should We Use White Noise?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Alexander_M, Aug 1, 2016.

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      Hi all,

      This is only my second post on the forums, but I have been a reader for many months now - seven to be exact.

      I have seen several videos on YouTube which are virtually 8 hour sound clips of white noise. I find that having these sound clips playing at a very low level in the background (particularly while sitting at my desk at work), easily cancels out my T. The question is, is this good practice? I have done some reading and apparently listening to white noise prevents the so called process of habituation...?

      I attempt to sit at my desk without listening to the white noise, but the annoyances (and, more so the anxiety) overcomes me, and I turn to the white noise...

      On a weekend I do not need to rely on this white noise as I am usually very active doing different things here and there and generally the environmental sounds cancel the T out. I also believe my stress levels are lower on the weekend.
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      The trick is to dial the white noise volume such that the T is not completely masked, so the T doesn't "disappear from the radar". It should still be there, and the brain be aware of it, but not as powerful as without the masker.
      I don't personally use white noise because it doesn't seem to mask my T unless I use obscene volumes which I'm not going to do (white noise has energy all over the spectrum, so it actually stresses all of your hair cells in the cochlea, which I wouldn't want to do at high power/volume).
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