Signs of Habituation

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by uncle vikin, Jan 30, 2015.

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    1. uncle vikin

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      Dr. Nagler, I was right on the verge of contacting Ann L Rhoten in Lexington Ky. about TRT this was last month but recently something has changed and my tinnitus which is a high pitch 6700hz and it is a hiss at times but recently it just doesn't bother me like it use to and I sleep better and I can't explain it but I feel like something is changing for the possitive .I have had tinnitus in the right ear only for 5 months .It came on suddenly.Can someone habituate in 5 months and how long can the habituation process last .Would TRT help the natural process even more.I am taking melatonin 3 mg sr .I know they have done some studies on melatonin could this be one reason for my habituation.I've taken them every night for the past 45 nights same time every night. Thanks Dr. Nagler .You are a very special person You have inspired me to support and help anyway I can in the treatment of Tinnitus and other related conditions.I am going to recover and what funds I have to spare will go to this cause.Once I recover I go back to work .This has knocked me off my saddle but I ain't through riding yet.You Quote "Just because you have tinnitus doesn't mean you have to suffer with it" has been my words of hope. I will be writing my congressman and senator and asking for funding for tinnitus.We just need more education on the treatment of tinnitus ,as you know the first few months scare the H out of us withT.So awareness that T can be managed I believe is very important.This has not been the case with me 2 ENTs ,ER.and my GP had no clue what to do or tell me to do.There needs to be a protocal in how to explain treatment options for tinnitus by GPs,and ENTs as we'll as all areas of the health care system. In a very high respect to you Dr. thank you. You are a blessing , Mike K.
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    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Mike, habituation is a totally natural process. It always happens on its own as long as there are not too many barriers along the way blocking the process. See:

      So in that sense the only thing TRT ever does is "help the natural process even more."

      For more specifics in that regard, see:

      Hope this helps.

      stephen nagler
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