Simple Trick: Use Earplugs to Reduce Tinnitus Loudness

Discussion in 'Support' started by Max, Dec 18, 2013.

    1. Max

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      I like most know that ringing is the loudest when lying in bed or in a dead quiet room. Even the smallest sound or movement will cause it to spike.

      I've noticed though that if I put in foam ear plugs when I get in bed and lay still, while the ringing is amplified at first, after 2-3 minutes the ringing subsides DRAMATICALLY, I would say almost to a point where it is barely noticeable. If I roll over or move though it will spike again, but not severely.

      Long story short, I've noticed that wearing ear plugs when going to bed caused my T to subside a great deal (even in an already quiet room), I don't know how to explain why this occurs though but I know that it works for me.
    2. Karen

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      Do you remove the ear plugs before you fall asleep, or just leave them in? It seems like it would be uncomfortable (?)
    3. Max

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      I leave them in….perhaps some pairs are softer than other because I do not find them uncomfortable. Just need a good soft pair.
    4. Meestijn

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      Max be carefull. Using earplugs during sleep can cause H.
      Because it may result in an increase of sensitivity in the central auditory system ( increase of gain) which makes external sounds sound louder.
    5. Max

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      Meestijn - Unfortunately I do already have it and have had so for several years as the result of a noise induced experience. I agree that overprotecting your ears makes it worse, but I guess I never thought ear plugs at night would be an issue since the environment is already dead silent to begin with and I am not protecting my ears from any noise…idk, I'm not an expert so 'm just going to stop now...
    6. Riikka

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      I heard from my doctor that after using earplugs for sleeping for a while you become used to that even more quiet environment and more sensitive to noises that otherwise didn't disturb your sleep. That is also true from my experience. So in a way it does make your ears more hypersensitive.
    7. I who love music

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      I snore horribly. I wonder if you do and if the earplugs protect you from that? Because when I yell or sing it activates my tinnitus instantly.

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