Sleeping on Back with Chin Tucked in — Damaging?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Oct 8, 2016.

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      I've realized this over and over again. Whenever I fall asleep I tend to have a modest amount of neck pain and headache sensations, along with TMJ pain, sudden shooting pains, tremors, visual auras of sorts, and increased tinnitus. This is because my muscles at the base of my head/back of neck are abnormally tight, but these symptoms can occur in the absence of extensive tension.

      I have also realized that my hearing has gone out a bit every time I wake up in the morning for the past couple of weeks. The losses are predominantly in the low frequencies, but can be high frequency as well. My tinnitus is frequently at its worst in the morning as well.

      I am worried as to whether I am applying too much pressure to my neck or TMJ muscles in a way that is damaging, possibly through decreased circulation to my inner ears through the tension. The fact that my chin is tucked in surely puts pressure on my TMJ to move upward and to squeeze my ears as well.

      I would sleep on my side if given the chance, and would sleep flat on my back if also given the chance. Unfortunately, that often puts far too much pressure on my ears and stresses my neck in other ways that I also frequently lose hearing by doing this; it is otherwise just far too painful.

      Does anyone else have the same experience when sleeping on their back? Are there ways for me to be able to lay on my side again safely, or pillows that may help with this?

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