Sleeping with Reactive Tinnitus: Should I Wear Earplugs?

Discussion in 'Support' started by musicblue, Aug 31, 2020.

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      I have hyperacusis (reactive tinnitus) which I am now finding is getting worse with everyday sounds. It used to be just sharp things like plates but now it is more general reverberations regardless of their frequency, e.g. shouting or books being closed quickly.

      One questions is should I sleep with ear plugs on when I sleep (I find silicone ones are quite comfortable) or should I use nothing? The same for the daytime when walking in parks?

      In addition to this, I am finding my ears basically very very sensitive. When I walk, talk, breath or tap my earlobe or head I can only hear what can be described as a 'sparkle type dust' sound come from within my ears. Like a little light jingle that comes as quickly as it goes. It has been like this for two months in my left ear but house now crossed over my head to affect the right ear too. Has anyone got this?
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      Not sure, I do have negative pressure in the one ear.
      I like your 'sparkle type dust' description, and I do get that at times. I feel like I get it before the hamster wheel sound kicks in, almost like a warning. But I don't hear it in response to noises. I find I do better without earplugs in my bad ear, but I do use them in my good ear to block outside noises out.

      Good luck to you, and I hope you can get some answers and resolve this horrible condition!

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