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      Hello members
      Thought to introduce myself and situation before jumping on other postings.

      I am 41 years old, male, in software development for over last 20 years.
      Let me tell you a bit about my tinnitus.

      3 years ago, I started to hear the very light rumbling sound in the head, not knowing anything about tinnitus, I actually complained to my local council about noisy neighbour, so much so, I even thought they are growing weed in the basement as the sound was like extractor fan in distance and it was only noticeable in the night. But when I started to notice the same sound at my work, I knew something wasn't right. That sound wasn't too bad, and since very low pitch, I didn't bother. Then 3 weeks later I flew to Dubai. 1 day after arrival, the sound suddenly disappeared.

      Now 3 weeks ago, I got the same sensation, strangely enough, it's exactly in the (March) 3 years ago when it started the first time. But this time I could hear that on my right side only, then a few days later, that light rumbling turned in to very high pitch constant beep. Rumbling used to stop for a millisecond when I shake my head sideways, but beep is constant. I have checked online frequency is almost 15000hz. Now some days, left ear rumble, and when that happens, right ear beep almost disappears, or maybe brain focus on left more. And there was once that it totally disappeared for couple hours then returned. I do have longterm migraine and neck pain and T2 diabetes for last 8 years.

      Nothing found in brain scan or by ENT, all clear given. Going to see an acupuncturist tomorrow for the first session. Let's see how it goes.

      But the thought of living with this for the rest of life is not easy to digest.
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      syringing and now somatic T dental work
      I read about problems like yours before in case studies. It might be sternocleidomastoid muscles with slight nerve pressure. Maybe try some gentle touching to the area with some oils. I wouldn't fully massage that area until you get a medical opinion. I hope all gets better.

      Picture of sternocleidomastoid.
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