So I Emailed My U.S. State Senators Recently About Tinnitus and Their Aides Called Me Back

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Sep 23, 2016.

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      I made the ridiculous mistake of giving them my home phone number instead of my cell phone number. Because of this mistake, I wasn't home when at least one of them called but he did leave a detailed message with a call back number.

      I felt that he gave me a lot of the information I wanted to hear and I thought about calling him back and wrote his number down but lost it.

      This other aide from my other senator called me when I was home so that was pretty cool. I basically told this aide that there are a lot veterans suffering with tinnitus and was wondering if they could fund some research.

      The aide said they understood it was a problem and that one of the main problems was budget issues but said the VA did have some money for tinnitus research. The aide said the my Senator would be made more aware of the problem and request and was very sympathetic.

      I don't know if that gives anyone comfort but I thought I would put this out there for anyone that may be interesting in calling or emailing their U.S. state senators for those who live in the U.S.
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      Well done Jason, would but live in the UK...will look into contacting an MP at some point.
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      As you might know, vets can get 10% disability for service related tinnitus.

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