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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gimarie78, Nov 27, 2014.

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      I am 35 years old and I have 2 kids. This noise is so laud it gives me a headache! I can't play with my kids and I am constantly asking them to not be so laud because it makes the noise worse. I have an appointment next week but after reading online that there's not cure I am so depress! How can I live with this constant noise is so laud I can't even sleep. I pray that God help me with this because I do really feel nobody understand because they can't hear it. If you have any suggestions so I can get some sleep please let me know.
      Sorry to sound so negative.

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      Please know, Gina, this will get better. We all start out in level 10 freak out mode, but as time goes on, it really does get better.

      You do need to sleep. Take prescribed medications if you need to and don't feel badly about it. You may even need some anti-anxiety medications to lesson your reaction to the T until you get a handle on it.

      There are many posts on this site that has many more suggestions. Hang in there. Vent all you want, we understand your frustration.
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      Loud noise
      @Gimarie78 , since your tinnitus is still fresh, I would give Trobalt a shot.
      (see Retigabine thread for success stories)
      Ask you doctor at your appointment next week for a prescription.
      You would need a 2-3 month course at 600-900mg daily dose.
      Act now, lest you regret it later.
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      bad meds
      Get a loud fan there are some good sound apps on your phone or laptop. I use both when it is bad. Ask your Gp for some sleep meds if you have to sleep is important
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      Thanks so much for the messages and advises! It is very conforting to hear from others going thru the same.
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      Sorry that you are suffering so much. I encourage you to read up the success stories to know that many people went through what you are going through and do recover or being able to live a normal life again. Your T is so new. You are having a lot of distorted thoughts. Don't believe in those thoughts. Read up others' experiences to hopefully help you reduce your anxiety. You may also want to get some meds to help your anxiety. Another thing is to get some effective masking. If you have a PC, try download 'aire freshener' which is a free sound generator. There are many sounds to choose from. If you have smart phone, there should be APPs for sound generators too. There are also the doctors on TT to help some free questioning. Try the Doctor's Corner as well as Dr. Charlie in the 'Introduce Yourself' forum here. Don't worry too much. God bless your recovery.
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