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Discussion in 'Support' started by RedThinker, Mar 5, 2014.

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      So lately, my T has gotten worse, but I've already adapted to my new level of T in one month, which kinda amazed me.

      Lately I experienced some new stuff, the clicking noise on my eardrum when I flex some sort of muscle in the jaw region has increased (I don't have clicking noise in my regular T, its only there when flexing the anonymous jaw muscle). Also, as I laid down yesterday in my bed, it felt like there was running water out from my ear, and back into my ear. Very radical description I know, but it felt like a little tickle which, stopped and came back, after I had made a tickle-war with my finger versus my ear.
      My T sound is also doing a lot of weird stuff at the moment, it variate's a lot, in sounds and sound level, but its always a little beeping sound just different. Hard to describe personal experiences.
      Anyone else familiar with this?

      RedThinker over and out I wish you a pleasant day!
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      When I move my jaw side to side I hear and feel clicking too.. Do you feel your clicking and can you say does that klicking come from your ear or from your jaw? Mine comes from jaw movement. My T also variates all the time, sometimes it's beeping and sometimes it's ringing etc.. Can't say anything about that except it is REALLY ennoying!
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      That sounds like you have fluid in your ear. I have that as clicking in my ears, though I can move my jaw and unless I'm breathing I don't have it; my sound also varies a lot too. But when I go to sleep and I can hear a glugging sound, like there's a river in my ears, and when I went to the doctor he said he could see bubbles. I would suggest going to see a doctor, because I went to two before one finally saw the fluid. This fluid can either give you T or make your T louder. Do you have pressure sometimes in your ears, or headaches?
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      No pressure in my head but I have had alot more headaches since my new T has started, I have never really seen a doctor with my T cause I was young and stupid as i got it. Maybe I should see one now, I just realised that i sometimes feel a little pressure in my ear, at the end of a day:)
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      You should definitely see a doctor (an ENT and an audiologist) if you never have. They can help rule out other things that might be going on. I have a lot of different sensations in my ears from time to time - sometimes a tickle, sometimes pressure, sometimes a sharp pain (that one is more rare), sometimes my T goes crazy loud/high pitched for a minute or so. And then, depending what's going on in my life or exposure to noise it can get worse for a longer period of time. I used to really freak out about it. I've learned to breathe through it and trust that it will calm back down.
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      From what my doctor told me there a lot of nerves in thecanal and it could be they are acting up. Is your canal dry or feel irritated at all?
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