Some Success with Chiro and Back to Square One

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Oct 8, 2014.

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      I started seeing chiro nearly three months ago, no neck cracking, nothing invasive.
      Just some minor adjustments and lymphatic drainage.
      I had few lots of days of tinnitus completely GONE, nothing. The rest of the days it was still there, some days better then others but generally there was some improvement.
      Now, since Sunday it's just as all hell broke loose, noise through the roof, anxiety and panic follow.
      The drone is just unbearable and I know that I couldn't live with this volume if it stays.
      Why is this happening now?
      Also I saw chiro a week before this setback started so it's nothing he's done.
      Need some support here:(
      Has anyone else have any suggestions or opinions on this?
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      I'm sorry to hear that things are this bad. I can't imagine what it's like to have a tinnitus that sounds that bad.

      I just started going to a chiro myself with some improvements. But I let the guy crack my neck. I didn't know about the risks involved before I did it. Is that why you didn't let them crack your neck?

      I get the sense that I'm going to have to return many times before I start to see some improvements. They gave me some stretches to do as well. So it seems like if I do those exercises then I have a better chance of keeping the tinnitus gone.
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      not sure
      Hi Valeri, don't panic. It may just be a temporary spike due to whatever. Hope you will be just fine shortly. T is known to be unpredictable. It may settle back to baseline soon. A week ago my already ultra high pitched, loud dog whistle T shot up the roof too. It is an ultra high pitch shrill packed with so much condensed energy, like a laser beam against a dark sky, resonating in my whole head. A few years back I would have caved in automatically into anxiety & panic attacks. I remember also I said no wait I could live with this ringing. No longer. Instead of panicking I went about living my life. Despite the ringing, I still went fishing (I posted this on the Positivity Thread) to catch some salmon. The T was so loud and piercing that I even heard it distinctly above all the raging water of the rapids around me. But I am committed to not react to T high or low and live my life as normally and enjoyably. I am not super human. It took a few years and adopting the positivity approach to get to there. With a history of suffering anxiety and panic disorders, I never thought it possible to be normal again but I am now. So don't panic and worry about it. It may be just a spike. If a panic prone person like me can recover after some time even with my T raging, have no worry about the temporary setback.
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      I'm just amazed how you cope with such a loud tinnitus.
      I'm nowhere near habituation even after 3 years.
      Because I started to see some improvement with chiro, that put me into the monitoring loop again, you know, always checking if it's gone, is it here, is it louder, quieter.....
      I hope you are right about this being temporary spike, all I know is that it hasn't been this bad since I started chiro treatment.
      Billie you are an amazing person and contributor to this board, thank you kindly for your support!

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