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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by klegane, Jul 23, 2015.

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      I got this ringing in my right ear from a corn grinder 2 days ago,and i cant take it anymore,i hate this noise,i need it to go away,is this temporary ? is there a cure? I cant live with this sound in my head,if this is permanent im gonna off myself.
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. Sorry that you are suffering so much with your new T. We here understand what sufferings await a new T sufferer, the panic, anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, depression and sleeplessness. It is also common for members to say they don't want to live like that for life. I was thinking that way too a few years back when I was suddenly hit by my ultra high pitch loud dog whistle T, which was soon followed by severe hyperacusis. I thought T was simply too awful to bear and H was equally hurtful and unlivable. But today I am back to living a normal, productive and absolutely enjoyable life. All those hellish initial reactions and fears are things of the distant pass. T is not an end game. It is annoying right now, and after some time, you may not have the same perception this T sound as now. If you read my success story, you will know I was like to hell and back and now I don't give a dime to T. These stories can help you. So read them up in the success stories section. You may also want to do masking asap because you are so stressed with T. Check these links out.

      TT thread with tips for new sufferers and masking sounds:

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      Barking dogs/stress
      This might be temporary, it might not be. The best thing to do is not panic, because your brain feeds off the panic and increases the T. It's weird, but true. Distract yourself by doing your normal activities and do your best not to focus on the noise or listen for it or monitor it.

      If it turns out to be permanent, take heart in knowing that the initial phase is the worst, and that in time it very likely will subside and/or your brain will become hardened to the noise.

      The members here are amazingly helpful, and there's a ton of great information on this forum. I don't think I would have survived without it.
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